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Alcohol prices around the world

Alcohol prices can impact travelers’ budgets quite a bit. We don’t have explicit information about how much travelers spend on beer, wine, and liquor. However, our observations from the traffic on this website show that many people look for information about the prices of these items in the countries they plan to visit. It must be the case that the price of a bottle of wine or a glass of beer is important to them. These prices also give indication about the overall cost of a trip to some countries.

Curiosity about international alcohol prices is also justified by their considerable differences across countries. Some countries, particularly in Scandinavia, maintain exceptionally high liquor prices whereas countries in Southern and Eastern Europe offer cheaper alternatives (of the same quality).

An index of alcohol prices. The countries are ranked
relative to each other and the world average.

Alcohol prices in Albania

Alcohol prices in Greece

Alcohol prices in Portugal

Alcohol prices in Australia

Alcohol prices in Hungary

Alcohol prices in Romania

Alcohol prices in Austria

Alcohol prices in India

Alcohol prices in Russia

Alcohol prices in Brazil

Alcohol prices in Indonesia

Alcohol prices in Slovenia

Alcohol prices in Bulgaria

Alcohol prices in Israel

Alcohol prices in Spain

Alcohol prices in Canada

Alcohol prices in Italy

Alcohol prices in Switzerland

Alcohol prices in China

Alcohol prices in Japan

Alcohol prices in Thailand

Alcohol prices in Croatia

Alcohol prices in Kenya

Alcohol prices in Turkey

Alcohol prices in Czech Rep.

Alcohol prices in Malaysia

Alcohol prices in UK

Alcohol prices in Egypt

Alcohol prices in Mexico

Alcohol prices in USA

Alcohol prices in France

Alcohol prices in Morocco


Alcohol prices in Germany

Alcohol prices in Netherlands


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Find out about prices in different countries around the world

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