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The prices of household appliances in Bangkok

On the chart below one can see the cost of a basket of home appliances including a refrigerator, a television set (40-inch LED), an iPhone 4S (16GB), a digital camera, a vacuum cleaner, a frying pan, a hairdryer, a personal computer and a notebook.


The best websites for accommodation

There are multiple accommodation options when traveling internationally – hotels, hostels, guest houses, holiday or city apartments, villas, etc. Each of them has relative advantages and disadvantages when it comes to cost and convenience. We sort those out and provide links to websites where one can book when ready. Visit our list of travel websites

Money saving tips for different countries

We collect and make available tips on how to save money during travel to various countries. These include information about free tours, free museum nights, inexpensive food, cheap accommodation options, where to exchange money, etc. The tips are provided by fellow travelers. If you have a tip to share, please do so at the destination pages or in our travel tips section

Gasoline and diesel prices by country

Each month we compile and publish data on gasoline and diesel prices around the world. The sources vary by country and include government institutions, petroleum companies, international organizations, and media outlets. We assist travelers, researchers, academics, business people and others interested in international retail petrol prices.

Find out about prices in different countries around the world

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